3-6 Years

Explore the perfect gifts for children aged 3-6 years and ignite their sense of wonder and creativity! Our thoughtfully selected assortment includes thrilling marble runs, captivating excavation dig kits, and our bestselling enchanting Rainbow Dancer Ribbon Wand!

Make their special occasion unforgettable with presents that not only bring smiles but also nurture essential skills for growing minds.

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  • Amusing Disguise Glasses

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  • Classic Paddle Ball – Wooden Bat & Ball on String

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  • Draughts, Snakes and Ladders Board Game

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  • Flying Cowpat

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  • Magic Trick – Disappearing Money Trick

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  • Mini Rainbow Dancer Ribbon Wand

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  • Optical Illusion 3D Posters

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  • Slimy Sticky Slugs

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  • Spaceman Splatman

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  • Spider Surprise Box Practical Joke

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  • Squirting Flower Practical Joke

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  • Sunshine Print Paper Kit

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  • Wooden Chirpy Cheeper Whistle

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  • Wooden Clockwork Construction Vehicles

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  • Wooden 4-in-a-Row Game – Classic Connect Strategy Game

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  • Wooden Indoor Crazy Golf Set

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  • Creepy, Crawly Temporary Tattoo Bugs

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  • Fluttery, Friendly Temporary Tattoo Butterflies

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  • Mini Colouring and Transfers – Unicorns

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  • Mini Spot The Difference Activity Book

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  • Mini Travel Pencil & Paper Puzzles Book

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