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Beach Sand Trap Globe – Lava

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Sand traps are a collection of tiny shells and sand encased in a lightly rippled glass ball. Each one is handcrafted and unique. The shells inside vary from itty-bitty starfish to classic oysters and even sea glass. Give the globe a gentle shake and you’ll have a whole new beach to explore! A clear hollow orb has been handcrafted with stunning coloured glass around the side which has been carefully crafted to look like water. Everything inside is loose and will move around, which makes it all the more realistic. Comes on it’s own stand and is actually more of a paperweight than a marble (even though we have listed it in our Marble Categories) so there’s no need to purchase a separate marble stand when you buy this item.

Maker: This item has been made in Seattle, USA by the ever-talented Glass Eye Studios.

Small measures approx: 90 mms / 3.5 inches across (at the widest part of the glass)