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Coral Reef Jellyfish Millefiori Marble (35mm)

Price: £149.99

This marble is a beautiful bright coral reef marble, with amazing millefiori caricatures that you will recognise from various different cartoons. Millifiori is rolled glass which has been expertly made into very recognisable shapes and then inserted into the clear glass once the coral reef design has been created. The shapes in this marble include jellyfish and a stunning Hawaiin style flower! On the reverse of this marble you will find a red base with 3 blue teardrop shapes. Coral Reef marbles have always been popular designs at House of Marbles but we have never had ones with millefiori designs in before so we are very excited to have these in the range. This marble has been made by Jayson Keys in California. Each design has a platinum maker signature on it, which is popular with our American makers. You will receive the exact marble pictured here. Measures approximately 35mms / 1.4 inches.

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Measures approx: 35 mms / 1.4″

Maker: Jason Keys

Country of origin: USA

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