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Dichroic Galaxy Marble (38mm)

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A classic large galaxy marble on an ultraviolet blue background. What really stands out with these dichroic galaxy marbles is that the maker has managed to make each slightly unique and captured the beauty of the glass from whichever angle you view it. A surprising swirly orange decorates the back. From the side you will see that this marble is equally split with a base dichroic filled pattern at the bottom and and a clear glass top for clarity of vision from the top.

Each marble is handmade and therefore each style varies slightly, which is why we photograph each marble separately to ensure you will receive the marble photographed. We believe that this is important to collectors and people who appreciate glass. Signed with the maker Fred Rossi’s initials and dated 2015. Measures approximately 38mms or 1.5 inches.

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Measures approx: 38 mms / 1.5”

Maker: Fred Rossi

Year created: 2015

Country of origin: USA

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