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Dreamscape Opal Purple Marble (42mm)

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Keyzers’ has been making marbles since 2003 and his creations of high quality original glass art often channel the “ridiculous and radical”, utilising flame-worked borosilicate glass. There are many designs available in the Keyzers range and the ones we have available here are variations of the Rainbow Vortex ‘Dreamscape’ design. This particular marble has a round opal centre and a striped protrusion within the design which show the expert level of skill exercised in the making of these. The opal looks like it is a different colour depending on what angle you look at it from, as seen in the pictures provided here. This is one of the more intricate designs available with us. Marble measures 42mms approximately.

Each marble is unique and you will receive the exact marble pictured here. Every marble is signed by the maker in Platinum “TK16”. The back of this marble is a lovely lilac / lavender colour which does impact on the hue of the white on the reverse/front.

Measures approx: 42 mms

Maker: Tim Keyzers

Year created: 2016

Country of origin: USA

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