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Egytian Double Sided Rainbow Dichroic Marble (36mm)

Price: £69.99

This marble is one of just five of it’s kind that is available in the range made for House of Marbles by Ashland Art Glass. A teal coloured foil has been used to create the image of a Pharoh on one side and the God of Horus on the other side which appears like a Phoenix rising from within the glass. In the centre between the two designs there is a rainbow of dichroic pieces twisting around the marble on a transparent blue glass centre. The images shown here cannot replicate the full intensity of the amazing patterns and colours which are seen when viewed in person. Dichroic designs are always popular in our online shop, but these are unique as they come in lots of fun colours and patterns.

This marble has been made by Ashland Art Glass who are based in Oregon, USA. Marbles made by Ashland Art are unsigned. You will receive the exact marble pictured here. Measures approx 36mms or 1.5 inches.

Measures approx: 36 mms / 1.5″

Maker: Ashland Art Glass

Country of origin: USA

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