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French Skipping Rope

Price: £4.99

Step into the energetic and joyful world of French Skipping with our vibrant green rope. This classic playground game brings children together for endless fun, hopping and skipping in various patterns. The stretchy, brightly coloured rope encourages laughter, movement and creativity, challenging friends to invent the most imaginative jumps.

Also sometimes called Chinese Jump Ropes.

Good old fashioned fun which will get the kids (or adults) playing outside. Traditionally played with 3 people but the ends can be stretched over chairs to enable one person to play too. Bunny jump, twisty jump or diamond jump are just a few of the moves seasoned players might recognise.

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Vibrant Colour: This French Skipping rope offers more than just active fun; it’s a splash of colour in play. The attached band adds a cheerful element and ensures easy storage and portability. This colourful and practical feature makes our rope a favourite among young skippers, enhancing their play with both style and convenience.

Skill Development: French Skipping is more than fun – it’s a great way to develop coordination and agility. As children jump, dance and skip, they improve their gross motor skills and timing, making this rope a valuable tool for physical development in a playful way.

Over The Rainbow: Let your children look, feel and be entertained with the House of Marbles rainbow-coloured range, which has exploded in popularity. children feel energised by the high-contrasting bright colours, making any item in this range a massive hit, whether they choose a beauty, accessory or fun product line!

Active Fun: Energising outdoor games for fit, healthy children. House of Marbles’ Active Fun! range keeps children moving, entertained and screen-free while fostering gross motor skills and coordination essential for their growing bodies.

Rope measures approx (when folded): 15 x 6 x 4 cms

Rope measures approx (when extended & doubled up): 2.5 metres / 100 inches

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