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Galaxy Vortex – Purple and Blue – 41mm

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This Galaxy Vortex Marble is a glittering explosion of colour! Galaxy Vortex marbles are stunning swirls of dichroic coloured glass pieces that look like they are circling into a never-ending whirlpool. Unlike most other Collectors Marbles, Kevin O’Grady Marbles are just as stunning on this back as they are on the front.

Kevin O’Grady has been making glass for over 30 years from his business in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pure gold and silver are often worked into designs to produce the vivid reflective hues seen & unique murine worked signatures can be found on the back of each design.

You can read more about glass artist Kevin O’Grady over on his website by clicking here.

When House of Marbles have stocked Kevin O’Grady marbles in the past they have been a huge favourite among collectors, so we don’t expect these marbles to be around for long! 

If you like this marble then we highly recommend taking a look at the rest of the Kevin O’Grady collection available.

Marble measures approximately: 41mm / 1.61

Maker: Kevin O’Grady

Country of origin: USA

We have a wide variety of collectors marbles here on houseofmarbles.com – view the full collection at https://shop.houseofmarbles.com/category/marbles/show-me-the-marbles/collectors-marbles/

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