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Green Leafy Maze Marble (43mm)

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This lampworked glass marble features a base of sage green, with a thin darker streak of colour running through it. As with all Margaret Zinser marbles, this one is a completely solvable maze – this time in an organic leafy pattern which has a distinctly Art Nouveau quality about it. Hand-painted in black around the outside, the base marble is a lovely backdrop which appears like marble stone in it’s unique patina (the weight gives it away that it is not). The perfect addition to any marble collection. Created from soft glass with a pattern of vitreous enamel. House of Marbles are very pleased to be able to bring Zinser marbles into the collection as they are completely different to anything we have had before.

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Maze marble measures approx:  43mms.

Maker: Margaret Zinser

Country of origin: USA

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