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Jabo Industrial Marbles

Price: £1.99

This is a Jabo industrial marble, made very differently from the rest of the marbles in the range, which can be seen by the finish which is so magnificent in this marble. Each one is completely unique, so we would suggest ordering a few to really get a mixture of colours – some have glittering coloured sections, others have tinted clear sections with bubbles inside, while others will be solid and not let light through but still have a rainbow of various colours. The collection looks like an array of precious stones discovered in the earth and shaped into marbles! Each marble differs in size and shape (some are not completely round) so please take a look at the pictures before ordering. Some marbles have dips, dents and creases in them from the making process. Marbles are sold individually.

Marbles measure approximately 17 – 20mms (medium) and there’s more size variation with these marbles than the rest in our range.

Please note that this item cannot be purchased in our Devon House of Marbles Shops. 

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