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Lateral Thinking Puzzle Book | Pocket Posh

Price: £4.99

One of a series of very glamorously covered puzzle books in our ‘Posh Puzzle’ series. These fabulous little Pocket Posh tomes contain lots of tricky puzzles to while away the idle hours, or to pore over when you should really be doing something else!! There are many different designs to choose from, all of them achingly stylish and good exercise for the grey matter.

How and why do we see things in a particular way? Why do we miss things? How do we shift perspective? As you work through these puzzles, you’ll be training your brain to see things laterally-or sideways.

With more than 3 million copies in print, the Pocket Posh® puzzle series is a great way to exercise your mind-and look great while doing it!

Measures: 10 x 15 x 1 cms approx

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