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Fall Back Marble – Daffodil LTD EDITION

Price: £40.00

Released in November 2014. Spring Forward – Daffodil has been made by Teign Valley Glass exclusively for House of Marbles Online Shop. Only 25 of these marbles have been made and each one is engraved with a unique number. House of Marbles will always keep number 1 for our own collection so you will receive from 2 upwards. It is the reverse of a marble called Spring Forward – Daffodil which was released in the Spring of 2014. There is also a limited Edition sister marble called Spring Forward Tulip and Fall Back Tulip which is the same design but with a Red colour instead of the yellow.

All Teign Valley Glass marbles are made in the Teign Valley Glass glassworks based in Devon, England – which is on the site of House of Marbles! All our Teign Valley Glass marbles are individually boxed and are supplied with a marble stand. Measures approximately 40mm or 1.5 inches.

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Measures approx: 40 mms or 1.57″

Maker: Teign Valley Glass

Country of origin: Devon – England

We have a wide variety of collectors marbles here on houseofmarbles.com – view the full collection at https://shop.houseofmarbles.com/category/marbles/show-me-the-marbles/collectors-marbles/
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