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Comb Coin Multicolured Stack Marble (46mm)

Price: £249.99

This stunning marble is the jewel in the crown of the Whit Baylis Marbles we have available at House of Marbles. With a fabulous rainbow stack of blue down to red, with each colour circled by a ring of white, this side of the marble looks like a watching eye. On the reverse another spectacular sight is waiting to be beheld with a ghost-like hexagonal comb coin which is a hexagon in it’s main shape but is also made up of tiny hexagons, like you might expect to find in a shimmering beehive. Made by Whit Baylis in Sonama County, California. Both borosilicate glass and the colour white play a key role in Baylis designs. Each design has a platinum maker signature on it, which is popular with our American makers. You will receive the exact marble pictured here. Measures approximately 46mms / 1.8 inches. Not only is this the most spectacular design, but it is also the largest available.

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Marble measures approx: 46 mms / 1.8″

Maker: Whit Baylis

Country of origin: USA

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