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Octopus Dichroic Vortex Marble (48mm marble)

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This exquisite marble has been lamp-worked (made in the flame) with durable and scratch resistant borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, then kiln annealed overnight for maximum durability. There’s great attention to detail in this glass Octopus on a Dichroic Vortex Marble sculpture collaboration; The Octopus body (made by Kenny Talamas) is red glass, protecting his favourite possession – a beautiful, large Vortex Marble! The marble (made by Timothy Mazet) has bright dichroic colours in lilac/violet and gold with teal, changing direction before spiralling off into infinity an the colours shift when viewed from different angles. The vortex inside the marble appears to be much deeper than possible. You must see this in person to appreciate this illusion. Signed and dated by the artist.

There is a flat spot on the bottom so it stands on its own, so no marble stand is needed with this marble and will not be supplied.

Maker: Vortex Glassworks

Country of Origin: USA (Seattle, Washington)

Year of Creation: 2018

Size: 77 (High) x 48 x 48 mms approx

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