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Red Star Marble (50mms)

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This marble has a red and aventurine base on the floor of a clear glass orb, then an added layer of white stars which look like they are floating and add to the overall design. Typically there will be around 5 stars in each marble. Although this marble is ideally viewed from the top it is equally beautiful when viewed from any angle and in fact looking at the marble from many angles gives an insight into how it was made and the workmanship involved.

Glass Eye Studio has designed and created exquisite handmade glass since 1978, and has established a reputation as a centre for glass in the Pacific Northwest, and these marbles have been made by skilled artisans in the Seattle Studio in America. Each piece varies in color and size, may have air bubbles and may not be completely round – Glass Eye Studios state that this is not a flaw, but your assurance that each piece is handmade.

You will not receive the exact marble pictured here. Marble pictured is provided as an example of the design. Glass Eye Studios Marbles are unsigned.

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Marble measures approx: 50mms or 2″

Maker: Glass Eye Studio

Country of origin: USA

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