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Frosted Sea Glass Chips – Green

Price: £3.99£59.99

Warning: This product is not a toy and is not intended for use in play by children.

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Bottle green. Sea Glass finish glass chippings in a lovely green colour which is often seen in real sea glass – exact quantity may vary as small pieces can sometimes escape before arrival with customers. This is not real sea glass that has been naturally worn down in the sea, but has been made with the purpose to appear like sea glass. Come in an assorted variety of sizes: Largest sizes approximately 2.5-3 cms at the longest part.

There will be a mixture of sizes in each bag and we regret that sizes cannot be requested. Please note that some of the shapes have sharp edges and some bags have a number of small shards – precaution should be taken as these are not toys and are not intended for use in play by children. Made in China.

Please note that this item cannot be purchased in our Devon House of Marbles Shops. 

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