Open out your printed and part folded Fortune Teller. Write eight different messages, questions, jokes etc in the triangular black space show with dotted lines. Colour in your Fortune Teller and then fold, as below.

  1. Place your fortune teller on a flat surface, with the triangles, number etc face down.
  2. Fold the fortune teller diagonally in half and then re-open it. Rotate the fortune teller 45 degrees and then repeat the diagonal fold. Open the fortune teller out once again and you will have a flat piece of paper with a diagonal folded cross visible.
  3. Fold all four corners into the centre so that the points meet in the middle.
  4. Now flip the fortune teller over, so that the folded side is face down. Now, once again, fold all four corners into the centre so that all of the points meet in the middle.
  5. Now you have a smaller square with the four oval shapes visible. Choose four colours and write the names of one colour chosen in each oval space.

Now your Fortune Teller is ready. Fold the fortune teller in half and then slide your thumbs and index fingers into the slot behind the ‘colour’ flap and practice pinching your fortune teller in and out, alternatively revealing four of the 8 numbers written on the inside as you pinch.

Find a friend and ask them to pick one of the colours that appear on the top flaps. However many letters are in written spelling of that colour, move the flaps in and out and side to side the same number of times – so BLUE = four in and outs, ORANGE = six in and outs, etc.

Open the fortune teller to reveal the numbers on the inside of the flaps and ask your friend to now pick one of those.

Count out the letters of the written version of that number, as before, by moving the flaps in and out and side to side again.

Ask them to pick another number and this time, lift up the flap to reveal the message written on the inside flap.