The Object of the Game: To win the game by capturing all of your opponents pieces (checkers) or, to confine your opponents pieces so that a move can not be made.

To Begin:

Each player has 12 pieces of the same colour.  The board is positioned so that a black square is at the bottom left of each player. The checkers are placed on the black squares in the three rows nearest each player.  The player with the black checkers moves first.


The checkers are confined to the black squares and must always move in a diagonal direction.  At the beginning of the game, checkers only move one square at a time either to the right or left, but always forward.  When a checker reaches the final row (the king row) it is crowned with another piece of the same colour (opponent takes one of the captured pieces and places it on top of the disk that has reached the king row) and becomes a king. A king can move both forward and backward in a diagonal direction.

Jumping and Capturing:

A player may jump and capture an opponents checker if it is occupying a square to which a player might be moved on only if there is a vacant square beyond it.  The player must jump over the opponents checker onto the unoccupied square and remover the opponents checker that was jumped.  If a player does not make a jump when available, the opponent may capture the piece that should have made the jump.

Single, double, triple, quadruple jumps are possible at one time.

A player wins when he captures all of his opponents pieces or when the other player cannot make another move.