The game is played by any number of players over a number of rounds and each round needs to be timed. One minute per round is usually adequate, but this can be varied if required.

Players take it in turns to throw the eight letter dice. When the dice have stopped rolling, the round begins. The object is to make as many words as possible (of 3 letters or more) from the letters thrown.

Letters can only be used once per word. Blanks can be any letter from word to word. Pronouns and plurals dont count.

Players write the words constructed onto the scorepad provided and at the end of each round, the score is calculated and added to each players’ cumlative total.

Points arescored as follows:

3 letter word = 1 point

4 letter word = 2 points

5 letter word = 3 points

6 letter word = 5 points

7 letter word = 7 points

8 letter word = 10 points

The winner is the first player to score 100 points, or whatever other total is pre agreed by the participating players.