Mind reader

A dice is secretly sealed into two small canisters.  Incredibly, you can always know which number of the dice is on top!

Secret and performance:

  1. Ask a spectator to drop the dice into the smaller canister secretly. Tell him to remember the number on the top of the dice before sealing the lid.
  2. Take back the canister casually. Secretly look at the dice through the lid before you place the smaller canister into the bigger one. (The lid of the smaller canister is slightly transparent. You can see the spots of the dice when you life the canister and make the dice ret against the lid)
  3. Once you know the number, seal the bigger canister with its lid.
  4. Remember to say the magic word before you reveal the number.

Mummy Mystery

Ask a spectator to put one of the three coloured mummies inside the coffin and put the lid on, whilst the magician looks away.  The magician can then instantly reveal the colour chosen without touching the coffin.

The secret and how to perform:

  1. Show the empty coffin and the three different coloured mummies to a spectator.
  2. Turn your back to the spectator. Ask the spectator to put any one of the three mummies into the coffin, to close the lid and to put the other two mummies into their pocket.
  3. Then the magician turns around, looks at the coffin (but does not touch or handle it) and reveals the colour of the mummy inside.
  4. The secret is that each of the mummies is differently weighted, so that when any of the three mummies is placed inside, the base of the coffin will tip in a different  direction.

Balls and Vase

The vase comprises of a base, a complete ball, a false piece with just half a ball and a lid.

Step 1: Open the vase by lifting the lid and false piece together, to reveal a coloured ball sitting in the cup of the base.

Step 2: Take the ball out and put it in your pocket, replace the lid and false piece together and tell your audience that you are going to make the ball reappear inside the vase.

Step 3: Wave your hand over the vase and say a magic word of your choosing.  Life up the lid only and leave the false piece in place on top of the vase base.  The ball has reappeared in the vase!

Step 4: Replace the lid of the vase.  Tell your audience you will now make the ball disappear.  Wave your hand over the vase and say the magic word again. Open the vase by lifting the lid and false piece together and the ball will have disappeared. Step 5: Reach into your pocket , take out the ball and show your audience.