This item is now discontinued

A game for 2 – 4 players, on their own or as two teams. 

The object is to drive a marble through a series of hoops by hitting it with a mallet.  The team to get both balls round the course is the winner.

If two people are playing, they use two marbles each.  Otherwise, players have one marble each. Turns of play alternate.

The court is usually rectangular and laid out as shown in the diagram.  A turn is only one stroke, but if the marble passes through a hoop the marble may be struck again.  If the strikers marble hits another marble, the striker moves his marble beside the struck marble.  He then has another shot at his marble but both marbles must move.  This is known as the ‘croquet shot’. Each marble may be croqueted once only in each turn, unless the striker’s ball passes through a hoop.