A fun frantic race to deliver all your Christmas presents.

An entertaining game for up to 6 people.

Play: Each player receives a set of 12 presents (cards.) The backs of the cards are different colours to help you identify a full set. The youngest player starts. Throw both dice. Your score decides which presents (cards) you can deliver (lay on the game board)

The numbers you pick must add up to the total shown on the thrown dice, for example; if you throw a score of 11 you can lay down card 1, card 3 and card 7


you can lay down card 6 and card 5


you can lay down card 11.

If you cannot equal the total with your remaining cards you cannot play your turn. Keeping this in mind it is always advisable to lay card 1 as soon as possible. If you are left with card 1 only you have lost the game as you cannot score one with two dice. find the corresponding number on the beautifully illustrated game board and lay your card(s) there. Lay your card face down so it is easy to identify whose card is whose. Carry on throwing the dice until you cannot equal the total with your cards. (If you throw a double but cannot equal the total you can still spin the spinner). As soon as you cannot lay any cards play passes to the next player clockwise at the table. If you throw a double you can spin the “Naughty or Nice” spinner. if “Nice” you can lay another card, any card. If “Naughty” you can take a card from the board and give it back to the player who laid it. “Very” naughty or nice is the same – but with two cards (you can choose two separate players to return cards to if “Naughty.”) The first to lay all their cards is the winner. If you find the game has passes too quickly why not play “best of Five?” Simply add your cards up at the end of each game and note it down. The player with the least score after five games is the winner.