Hexagonal Marble Tile Puzzle Instructions

This marble themed tile puzzle is pretty tricky to solve – can you match up all the pieces with their correct marble design. BEWARE – this game drives some people crazy!

Jacks Game Instructions

The classic playground game of skill and fun! Includes proper, solid metal jacks stars, a bouncy ball and a bag. An exciting playground game which everyone should play as a child.

Labyrinth Instructions

A brand new large labyrinth to the range. Use your skill and dexterity to guide the steel ball through the amazing maze.

Ludo Instructions (Magnetic Travel)

Ludo is a modernised version of an ancient game called Pachisi. Always a popular game, this travel version is no different. Perfect to keep little fingers busy on those long journeys.

Magic Rope Trick Instructions

This little box contains a very clever rope trick! Spectators can see the rope instantly sliced in two, with the cut ends clearly visible – then the magician reverses the action!

Magnetic Fishing Game Instructions

An absolute classic in new packaging. Use the wooden fishing rods to fish for the largest score. A game for 2 – 4 players. We hope you don’t get the boot!

Make Your Own Sock Dog Instructions

These wonderful little kits contain everything you need to make your very own cuddly toys.This one will show you how to make your own cute dog out of a pair of socks!!

Marble Chinese Checkers Instructions

A derivation of the Victorian British game of Halma. The better-known game of checkers is another variation. A great family game of strategy and logic.

Marble Games Instructions

In this marble games pack you will need everything you need to play all the classic Marble Games you will remember from your childhood, with or without the use of the archboard.

Marble Solitaire Instructions

One of our all-time best sellers. A well made wooden puzzle which has baffled the best of minds for centuries! A perplexing coffee-table game which includes a colourful set of glass marbles and a high quality board.

Matching Flags Instructions (Great Games)

Can be used to play both pears and snap whilst learning a thing or two about countries around the world. Perfect pastimes in petite packages, using pads, pencils, cards and dice.