Parachute Helicopter Instructions

A build your own helicopter with rubber-band power and an extra parachute to bring it safely back to the ground after fantastic flights. Shoots up – chutes down!

Pencil Slicer Instructions

A very clever magic trick! The pencil can instantly be sliced into three, with three cut pieces clearly visible. Then the magician can reverse the action and the pencil is made whole again.

Pick Up Sticks Instructions

With a delicate hand, use the stripy stick to remove one other stick at a time without disturbing the rest of the pile. Quite a challenge!

Playground Jump Rope Instructions

A traditional playground game in a bonny bunny box. Perfect for groups. Use in the playground with two people holding the ends while one or more jump in the middle!

Playing Cards Instructions

A good basic pack of decent quality playing cards with instructions for lots of fun games to play including Knockout Whist, Chase the Ace, Solitaire and Pontoon.

Prickly Pile Up Instructions

Build a heap of hedgehogs. An absurd yet entertaining stacking game for all the family. The game is to build a prickly pile up tower as high as you can – until the loser topples it over with one too many hedgehogs. A lovely game for any age of player.

Pterodactyl Flying Machine Instructions

A fearsome construction kit which builds a fantastic rubber-band powered flying dinosaur. Build your own astounding flapping Pterodactyl send it flying straight or in a circle – just like a real one getting ready swoop down for it’s prey.

Puzzle Lotto Instructions

A lotto and puzzle game combination with definite educational value for children. A simple lotto game is played without the use of numbers or letters. Youngsters learn to recognize from shape & appearance.

Quoits Instructions

A game that can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere. Quoits has been played in many forms for centuries, possibly even dating back to ancient Greece. A game of skill for any number of players. Indoor or outdoor fun.

Racing Gliders Kit Instructions

Construct your own working aircraft with this twin Real-Flying Racing Gliders – a thrilling air race can be had once constructed. Genuine balsa wood and metal parts.

Shut the Box Instructions (Great Games)

A drawing version of Shut The Box. You need to get all the numbers to win! Ideal for travelling with as it will take up hardly any room in your holiday case. Perfect pastimes in petite packages, using pads, pencils, cards and dice.

Solitaire Game Instructions

Marble Solitaire can be played with either one or two people and will provide you with hours of fun. It is a bit like a simplified version of chess with moves and counter moves jumping across the board.

Stuff The Turkey Game Instructions

The answer to the perpetual Christmas issue: How to stuff a turkey! Probably the funniest game ever invented – containing a stand-up turkey, 4 realistic brussels sprouts & 4 party blowers.

Tangram Puzzle Solution

This item is discontinued Our Tangram Puzzle is best solved from the visual diagram found here.