Shut the Box Instructions (Great Games)

A drawing version of Shut The Box. You need to get all the numbers to win! Ideal for travelling with as it will take up hardly any room in your holiday case. Perfect pastimes in petite packages, using pads, pencils, cards and dice.

Solitaire Game Instructions

Marble Solitaire can be played with either one or two people and will provide you with hours of fun. It is a bit like a simplified version of chess with moves and counter moves jumping across the board.

Stuff The Turkey Game Instructions

The answer to the perpetual Christmas issue: How to stuff a turkey! Probably the funniest game ever invented – containing a stand-up turkey, 4 realistic brussels sprouts & 4 party blowers.

Tangram Puzzle Solution

This item is discontinued Our Tangram Puzzle is best solved from the visual diagram found here.

Takes & Adders Board Game Instructions

Takes and Adders is a fun and educational version of the more traditional Snakes & Ladders. Children will learn how to add and subtract while playing this game.

Tea-Party Ludo Instructions

The classic game of Ludo with a Mad Tea-Party Theme. A fun and frantic race to the finish! An entertaining game for 2-4 persons.

The Night Before Christmas Game Instructions

The perfect pre-Christmas treat for the whole family! A lovely Christmas board game for families with children young and old. Move through the spaces dropping off presents as you go, but watch out for Elvis the Evil Elf!

Tiddlywinks Instructions

This is a fabulous little set of tiddlywinks, with a cup and a bag which is perfect for playing anywhere. Approved by the English Tiddlywink Association.

Touring England Game Instructions

A game of fun for up to 4 people as you take a tour around England. The idea of the game is to take a tour around the map of England visiting various towns on the way and returning to the starting town. The first to complete their tour is the winner.

Whirling Whizzo Instructions

The anti-gravity magnetic super spinner! A fascinating novelty with astounding science which makes the whizzo spin as if by magic. Use the slider to regulate the speed of the gyroscopic wheel and perform amazing anti gravity tricks!

Wooden Ocean Dominoes Instructions

A funny fishy version of this classic game in a dinky wooden box with chunky wooden tiles. There are 28 wooden dominoes in each box set. The storage box is wooden too.

Words Instructions (Great Games)

Word Game – a perfect pastime in a petite package, using pads, pencils, cards and dice. Ideal for travelling with as it will take up hardly any room in your holiday case.