This item is now discontinued

A game of fun for up to 4 people as you take a tour around England. The idea of the game is to take a tour around the map of England visiting various towns on the way and returning to the starting town. The first to complete their tour is the winner.


Decide your START/FINISH point. Everyone starts and finishes at the same town. The start and finish point should be selected as the town on the board which is EITHER the nearest town to where each player lives OR the nearest town to where the game is being played.

-Sort the TOWN cards into 4 separate piles of the same colour.

-Give each player 2 cards of each colour (8 cards in total).

-Each player plans their route, starting and finishing on the agreed town and visiting each of the 8 towns on the TOWN cards they have been dealt.

-Each player must decide which route will be the best and shortest possible, visiting the towns only once.

-Cars are placed on the board at the starting points and each player takes turns to roll the dice and begin their journey around the board.

-The first player to complete their journey and return home wins the game.


-Each player must throw a 6 to start their journey.

-The correct number must be thrown to land on the town square for which a player holds the card. If the correct number is not thrown on the approach to a town you must wait on your present marker until you can land on the town square. After landing on the town a player can continue on his journey.

-If a player lands on a town square for which he does not hold the TOWN card they must miss a turn.

-Two players can land on the same point at the same time.

-Watch out for the traffic signs along your journey and obey what they tell the driver to do (see key on board)

NOTE: Corresponding numbers on the cards and towns to be visited are given to enable very young chhildren to easily identify their route.