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Cosmic Gold Leaf Marble – 22mm

Price: £57.99

Marble measures approximately: 22mm/ 0.866 inches

Maker: Madeline Bunyan

Country of origin: UK

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Introducing Madeline Bunyan’s Cosmic Marble: A Unique Handmade Marble!

This extraordinary lampworked gold leaf cosmic marble comes with a laser-engraved round oak stand and a signed certificate of authenticity, complete with the year it was created.

Crafted in Madeline Bunyan’s Devon studio. Each marble is fashioned from soda lime glass and undergoes an annealing process in a digitally controlled kiln to ensure strength and durability. Please note that even though it has undergone the process to strengthen the glass, it is not safe for use in play by children.

Every everlasting flower marble has the artist’s signature etched on the back with a titanium scribe, bearing the initials “MB.”

A bit about the artist!

Madeline Bunyan, an artist passionate about vibrant colours, pours her heart and soul into each creation. 

Madeline’s main workspace is in South Devon, but you might also spot her demonstrating her skills at the Teign Valley Glass Studio in Bovey Tracey now and then. Her journey into the world of lampworking began in 2006 and sparked a deep passion for working with glass. This passion led her to study Applied Arts, and she graduated with a degree in that field in 2009.

Madeline’s primary focus is making beautiful things from soda lime glass, like glass beads, marbles, and stunning jewellery. She’s a true expert at transforming molten glass into timeless pieces of art that everyone can appreciate.

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