Knights Instructions

Looking to purchase a Knights board game? Take a look at our traditional Knights board game here. How To Play: Using the Knight’s move, as in Chess, transfer the marbles from one side to the other. A Knight’s move is wither one cup forward and two sideways, or two forward and one sideways, in any direction, to land an empty cup. Ratings: 55 to 55 move is average. Less than 50 is good. Less than 45 is excellent.

Nine Mans Morris

After a new board set? You can purchase our traditional Nine Man’s Morris here. How To Play Nine Mans Morris: To start: Each player takes nine marbles of the same colour. The players alternately place a marble in an empty cup, the object being to get three marbles in a row along any line. When both players have placed all their marbles, they take turns moving one marble one cup along any line to an unoccupied cup, still trying to get […]

Tower of Hanoi Instructions

How to play the famous past time wooden puzzle Tower of Hanoi A puzzle of skill and dexterity for any number of players or amusement for a person alone. A famous old puzzle, the object of which is to move the 5-block pyramid tower from pole A to pole C in the least number of moves. Pole B is for storing blocks during the process. Only one block can be moved at a time. A larger block can not be […]

Santa’s Snowball Ski-Jump Instructions

How to play Santa’s Snowball Skijump An exciting game for any number of players. Fantastic holiday fun for the whole family! Flick the marbles around the run and try to land amidst the scoring pegs. Players play in turn and continue until all marbles have been played. Highest total score wins! A super slice of simple seasonal silliness inducing hoots of laughter from every player. Simply flick the stand at the back of the box to tilt and play. Box […]

Festive Flip-Out! Instructions

Fantastic holiday fun for the whole family! How to Play The box is placed in the centre of the table, the mitten flipper being placed approximately 20cm (8 inches) away with a wooden rod beneath, as shown in the image below. A playing piece is placed on the hand part of the mitten and this, on striking the wrist end of the mitten with the forefinger, is propelled towards the target. After one or two practice shots it will be […]

Naughty or Nice Christmas Board Game Instructions

A fun frantic race to deliver all your Christmas presents. An entertaining game for up to 6 people. Play: Each player receives a set of 12 presents (cards.) The backs of the cards are different colours to help you identify a full set. The youngest player starts. Throw both dice. Your score decides which presents (cards) you can deliver (lay on the game board) The numbers you pick must add up to the total shown on the thrown dice, for […]

Backgammon Instructions

The classic game of skill and strategy. Move your counters from one side of the board to the other to beat your opponent. A game for two players. Eternally enjoyable.

Beetle Game – Drawing Instructions

A classic game of Beetle. Roll the dice and get a leg or antenna if it is a number you need. The first person to get a complete beetle wins! This is a drawing version which is perfect for easy travel.

Bingo Games Instructions

The classic family game of BINGO. Make it fun by shouting out using the classic number names as you go. …Two fat ladies anyone?

Blow Football Instructions

Blow football is a fun table-top version of the classic game. easier to store than a Fußball Table too!

Bottle-Top Bullseye Game Instructions

Bottle Top Bulls Eye is a classic man cave game that can be played using the bottle tops provided or your own that you accrue as you play! A brilliant Father’s Day Gift.

Cat’s Cradle Instructions

Cord and full instructions for this classic playground game in a gorgeous innovative envelope. Cats cradle is a classic children’s favourite.

Checkers / Draughts (Chequers) Instructions

Draughts or Checkers is a group of strategy board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces.

Chess Instructions

An exciting strategy game for 2 players. There are a variety of boards available in the range to suit all needs.

Choc-A-Block Puzzle Solution

This Puzzler’s Choc A Block Puzzle is fairly simple to solve – it is the same as when you open the box, however we know it has stumped some people, so here’s the solution, just in case: