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Mini Flying Insect Kite – Bee

Price: £3.99

Soar through the sky with the real-flying tiny insect kite shaped like a beautiful bee! Mesmerise onlookers as this charming kite gracefully flutters through the air. Made of silver holographic material that shimmers and sparkles, this kite stands out from the crowd, capturing attention with its dazzling display. Let your imagination take flight and experience the joy of outdoor adventures with this delightful insect-inspired kite!

Ladybird measures approximately: 11cm x 8.5 cm

Available in three fun designs – a vibrant ladybird, a graceful dragonfly and this busy bee! – Each kite bursts with colourful excitement!

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Playful Freedom: The Mini Flying Insect kites provide children with freedom and playfulness as they watch their kites soar through the sky. It allows them to explore and experience different forms of movement and control in open spaces.

Visual Fascination: The vibrant colours, sparkling design and dynamic shapes of our mini insect kites catch the eye and stimulate a child’s visual senses. They will find joy in watching the kite dance and glide through the air, creating a visually captivating spectacle.

Natural World: This exciting range from House of Marbles is one of their most popular. It allows children to connect to their environment through various creative, educational and fun toys. The range focuses on flowers, butterflies, insects, woodland and wildlife to sea creatures!

The Great Outdoors: Playing and exploring outside allows children to explore their natural environment and have adventures. These toys and games give them a break from the digital world we live in today, with all that screen time. Your children can keep fit and healthy through play, develop skills, and get a boost of vitamin D from the sun!

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