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Old Skool Catapult

Price: £3.99

Step back in time with the Old Skool Catapult, a modern take on a classic toy. This catapult, crafted to resemble brown wood, comes with soft red balls, combining the excitement of launching with safety. Ideal for outdoor play, it revives the timeless charm of childhood adventures, offering a safe and thrilling way for children to experience the fun of traditional, active play.

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Safe Adventure: The design of this catapult prioritizes safety, featuring soft red balls to ensure risk-free fun. It’s an excellent tool for teaching children about accuracy and control while still providing the exhilaration of launching objects through the air. Suitable for children of all ages, it’s a safe introduction to active, skill-based play.

Skill Building: This Old Skool Catapult isn’t just a source of fun but a skill development tool. As children aim and fire, they enhance their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. It’s an engaging way to encourage active play and physical agility.

Old Skool: Step back into the days of playful mischief and simple joys. This range is a tribute to classic playground adventures, appealing to the cheeky little rascal in us all. Filled with fun and laughter, it’s perfect for those who cherish the spirit of old-school play.

Active Fun: Energising outdoor games for fit, healthy children. House of Marbles’ Active Fun! range keeps children moving, entertained and screen-free while fostering gross motor skills and coordination essential for their growing bodies.