This item is now discontinued

Send and recieve messages that only you and the recipient can read.

How to write a message in code:

  1. Write a message that you would like to send
  2. Using the special code wheel, choose a ‘code’ letter (any letteer except ‘A’) to be the code match for this message
  3. Find the code letter on the outside circle and line it up with the letter ‘A’ on the inside circle
  4. You now have a wheel that shows the code match letters (outside wheel) and the real letters (inside wheel) making up the message you have written in 1) above.
  5. One by one, replace the real letters with the code letters on the pad provided and when you have finished you will have a coded message that nobody can read unless they know the secret code!
  6. Write the chosen code letter (ie the code letter that matches real ‘A’) in the special box on your message pad

How to decode the message

  1. You will need a code wheel and the code letter
  2. Find the code letter shown on your message pad, on the outside circle of the wheel line it up with the ‘A’ on the inside circle
  3. Keeping the two circles lined up, work through the coded message you have received and letter by letter, replace the code letter with the real letter using the pad provided
  4. When you have finished, you will be able to read the secret message.


These instructions will self-destruct after reading.